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Annual Conference Is Not To Be Missed

March 19, 2007

This year’s Capitolbeat annual conference will feature topics to interest everyone in state government reporting: multimedia tips, poverty, deciphering polls, covering primaries, writing, gambling and immigration – just to name a few. REGISTER HERE.

Need more convincing? Here are descriptions of just a few of the panels we’ve got planned:

GamblingAs more states move to approve various forms of gambling, what are the ramifications for state government revenues and what should capitol reporters look for when examining these issues.


Covering The Campaign: The 2008 presidential race is already upon us. Join three of Pennsylvania’s top political reporters and the Politico’s Carrie Budoff as they discuss ways to mine the campaign for new stories, new angles and the topics you might have overlooked. This is a great way to refresh yourself before you plunge into another endless campaign cycle.


Technology tool – Do you know your Digg versus Delicious? Come play with easy to use new tech tools that help your reporting and the display of your stories. This panel will feature hands-on and how-to knowledge that you can take back to the newsroom.


The new IOUs – Economic studies show Americans are deeper in debt than ever, and having more trouble than ever getting out of it. The credit crunch has given rise to a whole new debt industry* from payday lending and car title loans to subprime mortgage lending, “ugly houses” scams, and “credit counseling” businesses. If your state lawmakers aren’t talking about regulating these yet, they will be. Get the details here.

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