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New Bylaws

February 9, 2008

Members. The following note is from Rachel Stassen-Berger, who has been leading the effort to clean up our bylaws. You can read a longer version of her note that explains the changes by clicking here and read the new bylaws themselves by clicking here.

Dear Capitolbeat members:
Over the last several months, your bylaws committee — Alan Johnson, Rachel Stassen-Berger with attorney Kevin Goldberg — has worked through our bylaws to update, modernize and correct the rules that govern our behavior. The revised bylaws are attached, as is a copy of this explanation for those who cannot see formatting in emails. You can view the old bylaws here:

We did not make major changes but did adjust a series of things. The changes of particular note will be listed later in this email.The board approved these changes. Now is your chance to weigh in.

For the next 30 days, you are invited to comment on these bylaw changes. You may send your comments or objections to me, Rachel Stassen-Berger ( or to the entire board ( After the 30 days comment period, the board will make adjustments based on your comments and take a final vote on the bylaws.

You can also discuss the changes by way of the comments link at the top of this post.

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