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Capitol reporters’s blogs

March 21, 2008
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Not to long ago, Rachel Stassen-Berger asked for links to capitol blogs around the country. And blog authors responded. We’re going to put these over in the right-hand sidebar (I think) but here’s the list we’ve gotten. Have additions? Let us know by way of the comments section of this post.

Blog Name: Ken Dixon’s ConnecticutBlog-o-rama
Blog URL:
Contributors: Ken Dixon
Outlet: Connecticut Post

Blog Name: Democracy at Work
Blog URL:
Contributors: Lawrence Schumacher
Outlet: St. Cloud Times

Blog Name: Out There
Blog URL:
Contributors: Louis Jacobson

Blog Name: Pol Watchers
Blog URL: http:// Go to Pol Watchers icon.
Contributors: John Stamper, Ryan Alessi and Jack Brammer
Outlet: Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader

Blog name: Capitol Ideas with Bill McAllister
Blog URL:
Contributor: Bill McAllister
Outlet: KTUU-TV

Blog Name: Lincoln Walks At Midnight
Blog URL:
Contributors: Lawrence Messina
Outlet: The Associated Press, (This is a personal blog, and not AP-affiliated or endorsed.)

Blog Name: Clout Street
Blog URL:
Contributors: Ray Long, John Chase, David Kidwell, Jeffrey Meitrodt, David Mendell, Rick Pearson on politics and Illinois state government; Gary Washburn, Michael Higgins, Hal Dardick and Dan Mihalopoulos on city and county issues. And a variety of occasional guests.
Outlet: Chicago Tribune

Blog Name: Piques & Valleys
Contributors: Hank Shaw
Outlet: The Stockton Record

Blog Name: Capitol Insider
Contributors: Tim Hoover, Jennifer Brown, John Ingold and Jessica Fender. Occasionally, an editor posts something.
Outlet: The Denver Post

Blog Name: Inside Nevada Politics
Blog URL:
Contributors: Anjeanette Damon
Outlet: Reno Gazette-Journal

Blog Name: Eye on Boise
Blog URL:
Contributors: Betsy Russell, capitol reporter
Outlet: The Spokesman-Review

Blog Name: The Political Animal
Blog URL:
Contributors: Rachel Stassen-Berger, Bill Salisbury, Dennis Lien and occasional guests
Outlet: St. Paul Pioneer Press

Blog Name: PoliTex
Blog URL:
Contributors: All reporters assigned to govt/politics at Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Outlet: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Blog Name: Illinois IssuesBlog
Blog URL:
Contributors: Bethany Jaeger, Statehouse bureau chief; the Public Affairs Reporting intern each year
Outlet: Illinois Issues magazine

Blog name: Isaac Hunter’s Tavern
Contributors: Laura Leslie.
Outlet: NC Public Radio/WUNC

Blog Name: On Maine Politics
Blog URL:
Contributor: Susan Cover
Outlet: Kennebec Journal

Blog Name: PoliTex
Blog URL:
Contributors: All reporters assigned to govt/politics at Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Outlet: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Blog name: S.C. Politics Today
Blog URL:
Contributors: Roddie Burris, Sammy Fretwell, John O’Connor, Gina Smith, Wayne Washington
Outlet: The (Columbia, S.C.) State

Blog name: Capitol Watch
Blog URL:
Contributors: Peter Wong
Outlet: The Statesman Journal

Blog name:Trail Blazers
Blog URL:
Contributors: Karen Brooks, Bob Garrett, Todd Gillman, Christy Hoppe, Gromer Jeffers, Dave Levinthal, Emily Ramshaw, Ryan Rusak, Wayne Slater
Outlet:The Dallas Morning News

Blog name: In Chambers
Blog URL:
Contributors: Aaron Chambers
Outlet: Rockford Register Star

Blog name: Capitol Ideas
Blog URL:
Contributors: John L. Micek
Outlet: The Morning Call of Allentown

Blog name: Under the Dome
Blog URL:
Contributors: Ryan Teague Beckwith with the help of reporters Barb Barrett, Lynn Bonner, Rob Christensen, Dan Kane, Ben Niolet, Jane Stancill and Titan Barksdale, along with David Ingram and Mark Johnson of The Charlotte Observer.
Outlet: The (Raleigh) News & Observer

Blog Name: Capital Beat
Blog URL:
Contributors: Mark Binker
Outlet: News & Record

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  1. March 21, 2008 1:53 pm

    Three more blog entries:

    Blog Name: The Daily Briefing
    Blog URL:
    Contributors: Reporters and editors from the Columbus Dispatch.
    Outlet: Columbus Dispatch,

    Blog Name: iSpeak
    Blog URL:

    Blog Name: The Texas Observer Blog
    Blog URL:
    Contributors: Texas Observer Staff
    Outlet: The Texas Observer,

  2. March 21, 2008 3:24 pm

    Another one —

    Blog Name: The Buzz
    Blog URL:
    Contributors: The “writers of the St. Petersburg Times”
    Outlet: St. Petersburg Times,

  3. April 12, 2008 1:31 pm

    I’m biased, but I like this one. Of course, I’m biased because I write it 🙂

    Blog Name: Capitol Journal
    Blog URL:
    Contributors: Derek Wallbank
    Outlet: Lansing State Journal.

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