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CapitolBeat 2008 Conference Schedule

May 30, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The CapitolBeat 2008 Conference elves have been hard at work and we now have a tentative conference schedule. While we’re still in the process of confirming speakers and panelists, but we feel good enough about this schedule to put it out there with the caveat that things may change a bit.

Click here for the MS Word version of our early conference schedule.

In case you’ve forgotten, we’ll be gathering Nov. 13 through 15 in Raleigh North Carolina. Registration, hotel and more information is on our conference page.

This might also be a good time to remind you those who register before July 1, can register for the conference for the low, low discount price of $100. If you need to renew your CapitolBeat membership through the end of the year, you can do that and register for the conference for a total of $125. Prices go up after July 1.

A couple of early schedule highlights:

  • We’re excited to have the Committee of Concerned Journalists on board for a Thursday pre-conference session. If you arrive early, there’s no extra charge to sit in. They will be talking about how to scrub your stories of biases and better serve readers as you prosecute political and government coverage.
  • The Lumina Foundation will be doing a Friday morning breakfast session on educational attainment in the states. This will be information you’ll be able to take back and break down for your own state and region.
  • Our “Beyond 101 Track” for newer reporters (and veterans who need some refreshers) will have a session on what the economy is doing to state budget. We’ll look at some of the best reporting on state’s current fiscal crises and take a look at what this all means for long term budget and tax policy.
  • Many state government reporters are being asked to fill in the gaps on the federal government beat. We’ll have a presentation on how you can keep tabs and even break enterprise stories concerning your federal delegation from your seat at the statehouse.
  • Our legendary lounge sessions are back! Ask a lobbyist, workshop your problems, manage your time better or become a better columnist.
  • Three multimedia panels will guide you through the evolving world of statehouse journalism online and give you the tools to execute coverage in the multimedia world.

If you have questions or ideas, please e-mail Mark Binker at

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