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Early birds get the cheap conference rate

June 5, 2008

Hey. You. Did you know you were running out of time to get the super-low super-early-bird rate for the CapitolBeat 2008 Conference in Raleigh?

Just $100 gets you in the door for the whole conference, Nov. 13 through 15, if you sign up before July 1.

Why should you come?

Chances are, you cover a group of people who gather in a building that looks like this:

And you have a desk that looks like this:

We have a schedule full of seminars and sessions to help you become a better writer, a better reporter and even deal with this multimedia stuff. Oh, and did I mention that you get in cheap if you sign up early? What, do I need to turn up the volume?

So click on our conference tab and check out the details. What are you waiting for, approval from the Committee on the Education and Training of Scruffy Media Types?

Trust us, if you come you’ll be this happy:

Oh, and you’ll get to figure out just what the heck is up with this guy. Did the horse eat his hat or are they just happy to see one another?

So sign up today.

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