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One more good reason to meet us in Raleigh

July 29, 2008

Have you noticed the press room at your friendly local legislature getting a little roomier? You’re not imagining it. Big newspapers have fewer people on watch and some smaller papers have retrenched entirely from statehouse coverage.

But if you join us in Raleigh for Capitolbeat 2008, you can hear from someone who is investing in state political coverage.

Jared Kushner, Publisher of the New York Observer and the force behind will be one of our keynote speakers this year. From a New York Times story back in February:

In the middle of a media-saturated political season, Jared Kushner, publisher of The New York Observer, has been quietly nurturing an ambitious political journalism venture.

The plan is to pull together 50 Web sites, one for each state, into a political hub called Each site will serve as an intensely local source for political articles, speculation and scandal, Mr. Kushner said.

Click here for the full story.

No, this isn’t the same as a chain of newspapers staffing up its government teams, but its one version of the future and you’ll get to hear about it first hand in November.

More information at

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