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Come to Raleigh, N.C. — learn why Indiana’s governor is smarter than yours

August 6, 2008
On the re-election stump Tuesday in Indianapolis, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels put a new spin on his 2006 decision to lease the state’s northern toll road and pour most of the $3.8 billion in proceeds into a 10-year highway construction plan.

“Tonight 49 governors, or most of them, will go to bed worried to death that they are the next Minnesota. A year ago this week a bridge fell down, you all recall,” Daniels told a crowd of rotarians. “We (in Indiana) are sitting on billions of dollars and reinvesting them in a network that will magnetize, I’m convinced, businesses to come here.”

It doesn’t take a formal federal budget director to realize that many states are having trouble making ends meet, let along launching public works programs. For most, legislative budget negotiations will be brutal next year.

Get ready (and share stories about how smart your governor is) by joining Capitolbeat Nov. 13-16 in Raleigh, North Carolina, for our annual conference. Our sessions (sked.doc) include a primer on bad mortgages, soaring fuel prices and other factors that threaten to sink your state budget

Register now to save $25. The early bird rate of $125 is available through Sept. 15.

And if you’re already planning to attend, why not bring a blogger?

For the first time, Capitolbeat is opening our conference to non-members. As an organization, we strongly support open access to information and the free exchange of ideas. So we’ve decided to welcome citizen journalists, policy wonks, lawmakers, students, and any other interested parties who want to know more about how state government works.

Also, don’t forget you now have until this Friday, Aug. 8, to enter your finest statehouse copy, tape, or video in the only national contest dedicated to capitol reporting.

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