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New bylaws update

October 15, 2008

The following message just went out to the Capitolbeat list-serv from Laura Leslie:

Okay, let’s try this again. After a lengthy discussion at our board meeting last night, here’s what we’d like to do.

First, we’re re-issuing an updated package of proposed changes to the bylaws.

Click here for the clean version of the new bylaws.

Click here for the old bylaws marked up with the changes.

It contains the same changes as the last package except for the addition of affiliate members. The other changes don’t seem to be particularly controversial, but they’re important in the short term. This revised proposal will be on the agenda for the membership meeting in Raleigh, and we’d like your feedback on it – either in person or electronically, if you’re not coming.

Regarding the affiliate membership proposal: We want more time to hear from everyone who wants to weigh in on the issue. So we’re delaying action on the matter until we have time to hear from all of you. We plan to discuss this at the meeting in Raleigh, and your comments there will go a long way toward shaping what the final proposal looks like. You should expect to see a revision by Jan. 15, 2009.

Again, we want your feedback, either in person or online. But we’re also hoping you’ll help us tailor or revise the proposal. Taking into account the group’s fiscal/membership situation (yesterday’s note), please let us know *specifically* where you think we might be able to gain enough members to keep our numbers stable.

We’re very much open to ideas. None of us takes change lightly, and we want to do everything we can to maintain Capitolbeat’s character. But we have to balance that with the need to maintain the organization itself.

Thanks again for your comments. It’s great to see how much so many of you care about this group.

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