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Congratulations to the New Board

November 17, 2008

Earlier today, Elections Chair Rachel Stassen-Berger sent out this email on the Capitolbeat listserv:

Dear Capitolbeat members,

We announced the results of the Capitolbeat election on Saturday at the lovely Capitolbeat conference in Raleigh, NC.

We welcome the following slate of board members to their two-year terms:

President Laura Leslie
Vice president Mark Binker
Treasurer Nancy Cook Lauer
Secretary Alan Johnson

Board member Eszter Vajda
Board member Rachel Stassen-Berger
Board member Tom Scheck
Board member James W. Pindell

The newly elected or re-elected crew joins:

Board member Charles Ashby
Board member Adriana Colindres
Board member Patrick Guinane
Board member Peter Wong
Board member Larry Messina
Board member Ryan Rusak

You can find bios of the board here, or send a message to the whole board here.

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