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It’s not too late!

December 29, 2008

Tick, tick, tick

For those of us not covering interminable MN Senate races or enterprising IL governors, things are a bit slow this week.  So why not take two minutes to send a little love (read: cash) to your favorite statehouse journalism non-profit?

Yes, the economy’s tough, and the industry’s worse. That’s precisely why Capitolbeat needs your help more than ever.  We’re all being asked to do more and better work with less time, staff, and resources.  Capitolbeat is the only group dedicated to helping statehouse reporters survive and thrive as our business reinvents itself.

Some other good reasons to donate now:

  • Wednesday’s the end of the tax year.  Did I mention we’re tax-deductible?
  • You don’t even need a stamp — you can give online using a credit card.
  • We’re working on a shiny new online depot for all things statehouse-related, and good geeks don’t come cheap.
  • We’re expanding our college contest program to get more young reporters interested in the beat.
  • Let’s face it, our conferences are way better than some others we could name.

But seriously, folks…

Please consider a year-end gift to Capitolbeat of $25, $50, or more – whatever fits into your budget.  Nobody stretches a buck like we do, but we can’t do anything without your help and your financial support. Donate here.

Or if you’d prefer to contribute old-school style, we’d be delighted to get a check from you.  Our snail-mail address is Capitolbeat, P.O. Box 2817, Honolulu, HI 96803-2817.

Thanks for all you do, all year ’round.  And happy holidays!


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