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“States Under Pressure” recording

May 21, 2009

The Pew Center on the States recently hosted an online forum titled “States Under Pressure: Responsibly Managing Stimulus Spending.”

From the online description:

The President has been clear in stating that “stimulus is spending” and that without rapid distribution of the funds the economic goals of the federal package will not be achieved. Therefore, speed is of the essence. How do states prepare to obligate these funds and get the money flowing into the economy as quickly as possible?

This online event, sponsored by the Harvard Kennedy School’s (HKS) Government Innovators Network and the Pew Center on the States, provided tips from leading procurement experts and offered lessons learned from previous emergency spending measures. Topics included:

  • Increasing capacity to better manage the increased stimulus spending
  • Monitoring contracts early to control costs
  • Managing “risky” contract awards
  • Evaluating vendor financial capacity before awarding contracts
  • Ensuring adequate internal controls so contracts can be audited in a timely manner

Click here to find materials and hear a recording of the event. There is a FREE registration required.

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