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Conference transportation

August 6, 2009

If you’re flying into Indianapolis for our conference, there are a couple options for getting downtown from the airport. Our conference chairman sends along the following:

A cab from the airport to the hotel should run you about $20-$25. There is also a shuttle service from the airport:

Carey shuttle service from Indy airport to downtown

This service will cost you $16-per-passenger to share-a-ride to the downtown Hyatt – host of Capitolbeat conference.

Instructions from Capitolbeat: Follow airport signs to ground transportation, go to the Carey Indiana booth at ground transportation. You will be given a car number to wait for outside. The car should arrive within 7 to 15 minutes.

It’s $16 one-way to Hyatt or $57.14 for up a group of up to six. You can make an advance reservation by calling: (317) 241-7100.

Info from the Carey service:

Share a ride service is low cost transportation, which utilizes a fleet of vans, sedans, limousines, and minibuses to transport people to and from the Indianapolis International Airport. The share-a-ride service requires that the customer allow us to make additional stops in route to or from the airport. The client is also allowing us to choose the type of vehicle. The benefit to the company is that we are able to plan for the number of people that are going to/from the airport, as well as to load the vehicle to maximize the cost and revenue per mile of the vehicle.

For the most part, our share-a-ride service is valid for the Indianapolis area; however we do have share-a-ride service to selected surrounding cities.

Carey Indiana’s share-a-ride service operates under very specific rules, some of these rules are set by the Airport Authority and others are set by Carey Indiana.

All pick-ups at the Indianapolis International Airport are made only at the Ground Transportation Center (GTC). The Ground Transportation Center is located on the first (1st) level of the parking garage outside of baggage claim area two (2). Carey Indiana has a staffed counter in this facility from 8:00 am until 12: 00 midnight (GTC map).

Passengers are not allowed to request additional stops.

No pets are allowed under share-a-ride transportation (except for the vision impaired).

All share-a-ride rates are based on a per person basis.

Share-a-ride customers must be picked up at the times we specify or we will not guarantee their flight.

Carey Indiana will be allowed a 10-minute window for all pick-ups. (I.E. If a passenger has a pick-up at 9:00am, the pick-up may be as early as 8:50 am, or as late as 9:10 am).

Passengers are allowed only two pieces of luggage per person.

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