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2009 Board Elections

August 24, 2009


I’m pleased to announce the result of the 2009 Capitolbeat Board elections. All of those on the pre-printed ballot were elected.

First, please join me in thanking outgoing board members Charles Ashby, Nancy Cook-Lauer, Larry Mesina, and Rachel Stassen-Berger for Lawrence Messina for their service.

Alan Johnson of the Columbus Dispatch is now down to just one job and will remain Treasurer. Ryan Rusak of the Dallas Morning News will take over as Secretary for the year.

Tim Hoover of the Denver Post was the only new member on the printed ballot. Adriana Colindres of Gatehouse News Service, Bethany Jaeger of Illinois Issues Magazine, and Peter Wong of the Statesman Journal in Oregon were re-elected to their board positions.

In addition, two members were elected to the board by way of write-in votes. Kathleen Haughney of the News Service of Florida and Barry Smith of Freedom Newspapers in North Carolina will join the board.

That makes your current board:

Position Name Seat up for election in:
President Laura Leslie 2010
Vice President Mark Binker 2010
Treasurer Alan Johnson 2010
Secretary Ryan Rusak 2010
Board Seat 1 Bethan Jager 2011
Board Seat 2 Adrian Colindres 2011
Board Seat 3 Peter Wong 2011
Board Seat 4 Tim Hoover 2011
Board Seat 5 Estzer Vajda 2010
Board Seat 6 James Pindell 2010
Board Seat 7 Tom Scheck 2010
Board Seat 8 Pat Guinane 2010
Board Seat 9 Kathleen Haughney 2011
Board Seat 10 Barry Smith 2011
Board Seat 11 VACANT 2011
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